Lodge Room

The Lodge Room in the Claresholm Community Centre is able to accommodate smaller groups up to 160. It is attached to the main hall but has a separate entrance and is also able to be opened up to be used in conjunction with the main hall. This room has its own kitchen with 2 stoves, fridge and microwave. Roll up windows allow the kitchen area to be closed off or open to the occupants. There are many uses for this space including meetings, receptions, small banquets and information sessions.

  • 55′ x 40′,  Capacity – 160 Non fixed seats, 130 Fixed seats and tables
  • Rectangle 6 foot tables and chairs supplied
  • Corded microphone
  • Kitchen includes 2 ranges, 1 fridge, 1 double sink. Coffee urns, Glassware service
  • Coat Room
  • Piano